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Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials say 680 people were arrested after seven agricultural plants were raided in Mississippi. 300 of those individuals have been released.  The terms of the workers’ releases were unclear.

It also was unclear whether any of those released were determined to be living in the country legally.

Officials say they took steps to ensure any children were properly cared for.

A representative for Homeland Security stated, that they notified local schools and provided details for any children whose parents did not pick them up.

The representative also stated, “This agency took extensive steps in planning for this operation to take special care of situations involving adults who may have childcare situations or children at school at the time of their arrest.”

During the raid, a young girl is heard weeping at which time officers allowed her to see her mother.

Due to her mother being her only legal guardian and because the girl is a US Citizen, her mother will not be deported.

Those who were not released will be moved to an ICE detention facility and held there.