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(Photo courtesy of Krista Rivera)

Big Mama was thrilled to break some amazing news this morning.   (Listen To Below For Audio) 

The very first WIN A BABY winners Krista Rivera and Her husband Anthony announced that they absolutely did “WIN A BABY” as they just welcomed into the world a beautiful baby boy!

It’s always awesome to meet a new listener. So on behalf of Big Mama and the WILD Bunch, a big “HELLO WORLD!” to  Garrett Campbell Rivera.

Baby Garrett’s Mom had this to say:

We certainly don’t know how to do anything the easy way, but we are still blessed beyond measure. The doctors began induction procedures on Monday evening and after 55 hours of labor, this handsome little man made his very dramatic entrance.  Garrett was turned sideways and a pretty big boy so he suffered shoulder dystocia during birth.  This means he couldn’t get past my pelvis and needed emergency assistance. He suffered a broken arm and was not breathing at first.  Everything was pretty fuzzy for me at that point but I knew my baby wasn’t crying. I knew an entire team of people had practically tackled me to get him out and now another team of people were crowded around him. I could only see glimpses of him laying there, pale, silent, and helpless. I have never been so terrified in my life. Thankfully he quickly began breathing on his own and they let me see him for a brief moment before whisking him away to the NICU. Three days in the NICU seemed like a lifetime but the nurses and doctors took excellent care of him and he’s finally home. Garrett, we love you more than we could ever explain.


Congratulations Mom and Dad!!!