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Woman Shares ‘Weird’ Pick-Up Line That Involved Man’s Dead Grandfather A woman posted on social media the very weird exchange that happened in her Facebook Messenger.

Guy hits her up and writes, hey did you hear about my grandad? She responds, what? He writes, sorry wrong person.

Meant to text a girl I went to school with but checked on you by accident.

Not thinking straight as my grandad passed away. You are lovely though, you single? After she posted the exchange online she found out she was not alone in this weird pick up line exchange, others had similar stories.

One person busted the guy by saying he could not have accidentally clicked on her as they have never messaged before.

He wrote back, it was a joke. What is the weirdest pick up line someone has used on you?

What is the weirdest pick up line you have used on someone and it actually worked?



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