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This holiday season, let us be thankful for the unsung heroes: your local Amazon delivery driver. Understanding that Santa’s sleigh is now a truck, Kathy Ouma of Delaware left a pile of snacks and drinks on her porch so the person bringing her packages could have a quick break.


Caught on her Ring doorbell, a driver sees the treats and immediately gets excited, shouting, “Ah, they got some goodies! Wow! Oh, this is sweet! Oh, wow, get out of here!”

Posting the video to Facebook, Ouma got a reply from Kareem Earl Reed III, who reveals himself as the driver, commenting, “The thing about it is I forgot to bring my lunch that day and I wasn’t feeling good until I got to your house and [saw] the snacks. May the Divine bless you always for your kindness.”

THIS!❤️❤️ Made my day! I leave goodies out every year.#AmazonPrime

Posted by Kathy Ouma on Monday, December 2, 2019