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7 Dating Trends That Gained Serious Momentum in 2019 2019 brought in popular dating trends that will surely continue into 2020.

If you’re resolving to improve your dating life, take note of these hot tips.  Swiping is out…no more countless hours of swiping left or right to choose your soulmate.

Singles will seek deeper connections and will find alternative ways to meet.  Women will continue to do what they want, when they want, and how they want in 2020, without compromising. Women are also predicted to not give their attention to anyone who doesn’t deserve it.

First dates won’t be drinks anymore, daters want exciting first dates like surfing or a pottery class.

People will be more kind when dating, goodbye ghosting, and 2020 will bring more mindful dating, with couples often waiting seven or eight years before getting married.

How will you change your dating techniques in the new year?

What dating trend do you hope leaves with 2019?

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