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A travel company in the U.K. is currently seeking a “Theme Park Tester” to spend three weeks visiting “several theme parks throughout Florida” documenting the rides, attractions, accommodations and food. According to  it pays $3,900 and travel expenses will be covered for both the candidate and a guest, for the duration of the gig. Ocean Florida, based in Essex, recently listed the opening among its “Current Vacancies,” describing the position as “the job of a lifetime.” “As our professional Florida Theme Park Tester, you will spend three magical weeks in Orlando’s most popular theme parks during April/May (depending on availability) and will be tasked with providing essential feedback on each park,” the ad reads. The chosen candidate will be tasked with documenting and evaluating each park’s “overall experience,” as well as each park’s souvenirs, parades, cuisine, opportunities for photo ops, and, of course, the “thrill factor” of each ride, which can be measured (in part) by a heart-rate monitor provided by Ocean Florida. The Theme Park Tester will also be required to keep a video diary (with a provided GoPro camera) and post excerpts and photos to social media.