LONDON - JULY 12: In this photo illustration a lady eats a beefburger on July 12, 2007 in London, England. Government advisors are considering plans for a fat tax on foods high in fat to try to help tackle the fight against obesity. (Photo illustration by Cate Gillon/Getty Images)

While you probably haven’t given much thought to the question, Brooke Bowden wanted to know: “Which way do you eat your burger?”

In the middle of chomping down, she took photos of her half-eaten Big Mac in both positions, asking, “Seeds on bottom or seeds on top, because apparently no one eats theirs with the seeds facing up”.

Like everything on the internet, people have an opinion. According to Bowden, it seems there is no consensus.

Those in the seeds up camp say if eaten the other way, the seeds end up in your lap. Meanwhile, team seeds bottom notes that the cheese then becomes closer to your taste buds.

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