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Big Mama And The WiLD Bunch

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Thanks to the Coronavirus and “Social Distancing” many of us find ourselves working from home. This new way of life, while new and different, can also be enlightening. Here are the top ten things you realize when working from home.

1.You can finally decorate your desk the way you really want too.

2. It’s fun getting to know all your new and interesting coworkers.

3. You used to envy that coworker who had a keurig on their desk.  Now look at you…

4. There are still work place trouble makers. Keep cookies in your desk to combat them.



5. You still love your employees even though they steal office supplies.

6. Everyday is casual Friday. REAL casual.

7. Deep down you knew they shouldn’t have gotten that promotion, but those eyes though..


8. Your work life used to be like “The Office” but it’s now more like “The Brady Bunch.”

9. There IS micromanagement, even when working from home.

10. You are definitely going to sneak in a few extra breaks though out the day.  Enjoy!