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A 31-year-old COVIDIOT was arrested for pulling a coronavirus hoax. This knuckle head made a video of himself at Walmart, where he claimed that he tested positive for the virus saying, ” If I got it, y’all gonna get it too.”
The man didn’t really have the Virus. He was just joking around on social media.

North Carolina Man Claiming To Have COVID-19

North Carolina Man Claiming To Have COVID-19 Says "If I Got It, You'll Getting It Too" While Shopping At Walmart

Whoa, dude. NOT a JOKE. Ya see in this day and age doing something this stupid will not only have you labeled a “Covidiot” but it will also get your ass arrested and charged with felony perpetrating a hoax in a public building and disorderly conduct. Just like Today’s “Covidiot of the Day.”