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The first COVID-19 movie of the coronavirus is on the way and it’s directed by Mostafa Keshvari. “The idea came to me when I was in an elevator reading news about Chinese tourists being attacked, and I thought I’m going to make a movie in an elevator,” Keshvari tells The Hollywood Reporter on Monday. The thriller, shot on a soundstage in Vancouver and already edited and ready for sale, uses the coronavirus pandemic, which originated in China, as a symbol to explore fear and racism among trapped apartment tenants. Corona follows six unlikely neighbors stranded in their building’s elevator at the first stages of the COVID-19 crisis. They quickly suspect a seventh neighbor, a Chinese newcomer played by Traei Tsai, of having the coronavirus and likely to infect them after she also boards the elevator.

Corona Movie Trailer (2020) coronavirus

A Feature Film on Coronavirus and Xenophobia by Mostafa Keshvari. When unlikely neighbours are trapped in an elevator with a Coronavirus suspect, fear and ra...