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Working from home seems to be the new normal in 2020, but it isn’t always a breeze, especially with those zoom meetings. Epic #WorkFromHome fails are bound to happen. Everything from News anchors not wearing pants, or coworkers forgetting they’re on camera while using the bathroom, it’s been REAL entertaining. Here are some best Working from home fails for your viewing pleasure…

Whoops. Looks like we were having fun with camera filters but we don’t know how to turn them off for a meeting.

Hmm.. I fell like I’m forgetting something…Oops, my PANTS! 


When bringing your phone to the bathroom comes back to haunt you.


A father’s job of embarrassing his daughter is never done.


I wish my Coworkers knew just how cool my underwear really is..

Awkward Team Meeting

As we all work from home, there have been a few Zoom meetings and Google Hangouts that have gone viral. Well, this one got awkward when Tony accidentally rev...

That’s not the briefing the office was expecting..

When “Teacher” isn’t your first job. 


Working from home fail

My online meditation sessions are not going so well.

And this was the moment he knew he messed up… 

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