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Human Interest

If you’ve ever wanted Dr. Fauci, Andrew Cuomo, or Gavin Newsom’s name on your underwear, your wishes have come true., a company out of Canada, has created intimates honoring each of them.

The company wrote about the Cuomo undies, saying, “THIRSTY? We hear you, us too. We have been so impressed with @nygovcuomo since we’ve been in lockdown. We have created a limited-edition NYC set of products that we’re making as a Thank you to him and the wonderful healthcare heroes in our beloved NYC!” For the Fauci underwear, they explain, “Anthony Fauci may be an unlikely sex symbol. We are living in unlikely times, and we heard you loud and clear that you wanted to show their ‘appreciation’ with more than a Thank you.”

Canava explains that if you put one of the men’s names on your underwear, they will match the purchase dollar for dollar and donate to healthcare workers in the NYC area.

The lingerie comes in two styles – briefs and bikinis – and they come in sizes XS to XL. The undergarments retail for $22 and can be purchased on the Canava website.