(Photo by Robert King /Newsmakers)

For those of us that live in Florida, we realize that the Publix Chicken Tender Sub is one of the best on their menu.  Because of the Coronavirus and the related lockdown, hoarding, and all of the other things we’ve been going through, it really seems like it’s been forever since my favorite sub has been on sale.

Until now.

This has not been confirmed by Publix, but the info comes from a very reliable source.

This source is usually right.  So, the Chicken Tender Sub may not be on sale today, but it looks like it’ll be part of my plans sometime this week. I get mine Buffalo style.  I’ll update you when I know for sure.

If you need a Pub Sub today (Sunday 6/14), the Boars Head turkey is on sale for $6.99.


Also, while I have you here. Watch the Dave Chappelle special on YouTube. It’s incredbile.

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