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Conventional wisdom would say that when you return to work, unemployment is over.  But that’s only partially correct. There are ways you can continue to receive the unemployment benefit.

If you go back to work part-time you may still be eligible to get that Government money. It’ll be reduced, but still worth it. And that $600 bonus weekly bonus check through the end of July can still be yours.

Work Sharing:  This needs to be set up by your employer. They allow businesses to reduce hours, by anywhere from 10% to 60%, for a group of employees. This is a way for the business to get through hard times without laying you off. You’ll work less hours but still keep your job and receive prorated unemployment benefits from the state. So if you worked half the amount of hours you used to work at your job you’d get a 50% unemployment benefit PLUS the $600 weekly bonus check from the Federal Government. For a lot of us, this would be more $$$ than you used to make before the ‘Rona hit. Your employer needs to file with the state for you to get this money so it doesn’t hurt to remind them to do it. Every day. Bring in bagels if you have to. Get it done.

Partial unemployment:  You need to have your hours cut by around 60% to make this happen.  You won’t get much cash from the state but you’ll still get that $600 weekly bonus check. You’ll need to file for this to get that coin. Go to the same site you normally go to for unemployment and look for the ‘partial employment’ section. It may be called something else, but it should be up there.

CNBC has a lot more on this. Stay safe.


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