Social Media Debate: Which Artist Owns the “Queen B” Title: Lil’ Kim, Beyoncé, or Britney Spears Social media loves a good debate and this one is no exception. Who is the REAL Queen B? We have three options, Britney Spears, Lil Kim and Beyonce. Britney posted a picture of a bee with a crown and captioned it, to all my fans who call me Queen B I believe this would be more accurate. It popped off in the comments when someone said don’t let the Beyonce fans find out.

The debate took many twists and turns with the Kim fans and Beyonce fans teaming up against the Britney fans. Someone else said they were in three different genre lanes so all three could exist. Other said that Lil Kim been in these streets since 1995 therefore she was THEE Queen B. Who holds the title of Queen B in your book?

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