Would You Subscribe to A Restaurant? Think about everything you’re subscribed to; maybe a few streaming apps or delivery services.  But would you subscribe to a restaurant?  It’s a question that Panera Bread hopes to bank on. Just last winter, Panera launched an unlimited coffee subscription for $8.99 a month. Milk it for all its worth and you could get free refills every two hours.  The chain is also thinking about a kid-focused lunch subscription in case of “likely school cancellations in the fall”.

Panera’s Eduardo Luz told AdWeek that the company is looking for its “own version” of Netflix; you just “turn it on, and it’s there.” AdWeek says if any other restaurants are thinking about starting a subscription service, “now might be the time to try” as the pandemic has shaken up the old-school ways of the restaurant industry. Would you pay a monthly subscription to a restaurant if it meant free unlimited coffee, breakfast or in Panera’s case, maybe a free kids’ lunch?

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