In what could be a dress rehearsal of what we may soon be facing here in Florida, Georgia has reopened it’s schools and what we expected to happen – happened. Here’s the picture that went viral yesterday on their first day back.

According to TMZ, Superintendent Brian Otott  told parents the hallway was only packed for “just a brief period” while students were changing classes. The Georgia Department of Education uses a policy of “guidelines, not mandates” in keeping kids safe this school year. As you can see in the picture, very few students are masked up. One of the kids in the school, in a tweet, admitted that this policy isn’t working.

Here’s a group of Georgia students posing for their senior photo.

And now, on the second day of the new school year in Georgia, the Cherokee County School District has shut down a second-grade classroom at Sixes Elementary School after a student tested positive for the ‘rona.

The student showed no symptoms at school, but developed some after school. The parents got medical attention and the child tested positive. The second grade classroom will be closed and the teacher and 20 students will need to quarantine for 14 days. At this particular school, kids are not required to wear masks but the teachers are.

An additional burden now falls on working parents who, with zero notice, can be forced to find childcare for quarantined kids. Parents are going to need to have a plan in place for this for when schools here in Florida open.


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