(Photo by Marcelo Endelli/Getty Images)

Only a few hours after he was released from Broward County jail, Michael Carnevale was operating the gym he owns in Plantation Florida from the parking lot. The police showed up and arrested him again.  For the third time.

Plantation, located in Broward County has an emergency ordinance that makes it mandatory to wear a mask while you’re working out in a gym. Carnevale says that it’s not safe to work out in gyms with a mask on, so he refuses to enforce it in his gym, which is why he was originally arrested in July. He was arrested again yesterday and his gym was closed down. That’s when the staff moved the equipment outside to the parking lot. Police showed up again today and arrested him, now the third time. Staffers were told by police that the equipment could not be used in the parking lot because the gym was shut down. The staff brought the equipment back inside.

Michael Carnevale is also suing the county to remove the emergency order requiring masks.



Miami has virus killing robots now, I wonder if that would help?


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