A man in England accidentally burned his apartment down while trying to propose to his girlfriend. Albert Ndreu recently went all out to surprise her, filling their living room with candles, 100 tea lights and 60 balloons. He even spelled out “Marry me?” with candles on the floor. Ndreu briefly left their home to pick up his soon to be fiance from work. When they returned home they noticed smoke coming from the doors. Three firemen crews rushed to the scene to put out the flames. His girlfriend said she was in “total shock” and devastated that the apartment was on fire! She quickly cheered up though when Ndreu pulled out the ring and proposed! Of course she said yes. Reports tell us that nobody was injured during the fire.


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Man proposes to girlfriend with candles, burns down their apartment

She still said yes. A man in England made his fiery love for his girlfriend official by popping the question with dozens of candles, in a heartfelt display that accidentally burned down their apartment.

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