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Nas recently spoke out regarding his new single “Ultra Black” where he appeared to dis Doja Cat. During a recent interview, the hip-hop icon said that he didn’t mean “no disrespect” when he rapped, “Unapologetically Black / The opposite of Doja Cat,” on his new record, as Rap-Up reports.

“I just really was saying a rhyme that rhymed with ‘Ultra Black.’ I didn’t even think of it,” Nas said.  “It’s all love.” The Queens rapper said that he was attempting to find something to contrast the following lyric: “Michael Blackson Black.”

“It literally is, Doja Cat’s the opposite of Michael Blackson,” explained Hit-Boy, who produced “Ultra Black.”  “It’s bars, it’s lines. We play with words,” Nas said.

Although Nas said he meant no disrespect, the single made headlines and caught Doja Cat’s attention. She took to Instagram Live and expressed faux outrage, stating that she was going to release a new single called “N.A.S.,” which an acronym for “N—-s Ain’t S—.”

“The song that I have coming out is called ‘N.A.S.,’ but only if you abbreviate it. It’s three words–abbreviate. Which is funny, it’s kinda nice,” Doja told fans. As we previously reported, the “Say So” singer also responded to being dissed by Nas by taking to TikTok and sharing a video of herself listening to the track, while sarcastically taking offense to Nas’ lyrics.


As we previously reported, Doja Cat came under fire for comments that she allegedly made in chatrooms online, which many of the singer’s fans deemed “racist.” In 2015, the “Freak” singer recorded a song called  “Dindu Nuffin,” a racist slur mocking victims of police brutality.

The Los Angeles native later apologized for the offensive record. “That’s not my character and I’m determined to show that to everybody moving forward,” Doja Cat wrote on Instagram.

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