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A group of wedding crashers ruined a couples special day. Alicia and Dereck who got married on Saturday, had all of their gifts stolen from the reception. Alicia said the day was perfect until they noticed at the end night, that all of the gifts were gone. The couple wanted to get married last year, but Dereck was shot three times at a family member’s birthday party. Luckily he survived, and this year they were able to tie the knot. The wedding happened behind his mothers house in an open lot. As soon as the Dj stopped the music, and they were packing up, they noticed the gifts and all of the money was gone. They let everybody from the neighborhood come to the wedding reception, and think that three women are the culprit. Police are still searching for the suspects.

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Wedding crashers steal every single gift from couple's outdoor Melvindale wedding

MELVINDALE, Mich. - Wedding crashers spoiled a couple's special day in Melvindale when they stole every single gift from the outdoor celebration. Alicia and Darreck Traylor got married Saturday night, transforming a field behind Darreck's mother's home into the perfect, COVID-19 safe venue. "This day really meant a lot to me," Alicia said.