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Coronavirus in Southwest Florida: The latest info, helpful resources

Coronavirus is putting a strain on many things around the country, including people’s marriages.

According to the New York Post, the recent long periods of quaratine is causing divorce rates in the U.S. to skyrocket. “The combination of stress, unemployment, financial strain, death of loved ones, illness, homeschooling children, mental illnesses, and more has put a significant strain on relationships.”

The outlet states that from March to June, divorce rates are 34 percent higher compared to 2019. And 31 percent of the couples admitted that lockdown was what caused irreparable damage to their relationships.

They also point out one other thing — that couple’s interest in separation peaked on exactly April 13, which was a few weeks into lockdown. And the demographic hit the hardest: Newlyweds.

As the legal company Legal Templates explains, most of the couples who wanted to separate had only been married for a few months. And states along the Bible Belt, like Arkansas and Alabama, have the highest divorce rates.

Legal Templates adds, “It’s possible that divorce rates will continue to rise as economic, financial, social, institutional, and psychological turmoil from the COVID-19 virus unfolds.”

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