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McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast Menu May Be Gone for Good The coronavirus pandemic caused McDonald’s to stop serving its all-day breakfast menu back in March and turn to delivery and drive-thru only. However, it looks like it’s a wrap for the all-day breakfast for good. According to Fox News, a spokesman for the fast-food chain said, We removed All Day Breakfast from the menu to simplify operations in our kitchens, which we saw provided better speed of service and order accuracy.

As McDonald’s and franchisees evaluate if and how we bring All Day Breakfast back to our menus, we want to ensure these improvements will remain consistent for our customers. Any final decision will be made in partnership with our franchisees, based on consumer demand, and designed to drive the business while minimizing operational disruptions. Even though customers want the all-day breakfast menu back, not all franchisees want to bring it back because it’s a lot of work and backs up the kitchen.

Business Insider spoke with a franchise operator who said that not serving all-day breakfast gives the employees and the grill a break, which will increase output later in the day. Do you miss the all-day breakfast at McDonald’s?