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This might be new. I’ve done a lot of #FloridaMan stories but this one is a little different.

Christopher Paul Hawkins, 35, was driving a road construction grader with no lights on when a Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputy pulled him over at 1:35 a.m on Big Pine Key. If you’re familiar with the area, he was on U.S. 1. near Mile Marker 30. When the deputy approached the driver inside the construction vehicle and asked Hawkins why he was driving heavy construction equipment down US1 he replied “I like it”.

The police identified the vehicle as a “Leeboy 685B grader,” which was parked at a road construction project a few hundred feet from where the man was pulled over.

Hawkins was arrested and charged with driving under the influence,  property damage, driving with a suspended license, and criminal mischief.

It’s not the same one, but here’s a picture of the vehicle he was driving:


Always a fun time here in Florida. And I guess I was wrong, this has happened before.


Video: Homeless man takes backhoe for joyride on Seven Mile Bridge

Officials say a 59-year-old man took a backhoe on a joyride across the famous Seven Mile Bridge in the Florida Keys, dumping boulders onto the road along the way.

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