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Big Mama And The WiLD Bunch

Weekdays 6am-10am

It seems that every good scary movie has a scary basement!


According to a company called the Ohio Basement Authority, they came up with a formula that rates “Basement Evil Score,” of different movies. It’s a factor of the movies IMDB ratings and how much mayhem goes on in each basement, from “a little torture” to “a lot of death.” Check out the list of horror movies with the most evil basements.


  1. Silence of the Lambs
  2.  Get Out
  3.  The Evil
  4.  Psycho
  5.  A Nightmare on Elm Street
  6.  The Amityville Horror
  7. Strangers Things
  8.  The Evil Dead
  9.  The Rock Horror Picture Show
  10.  The Grudge
  11.  Parasite
  12.  A Quiet Place
  13.  Misery
  14.  The Exorcist