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*** This article may contain spoiler alerts***

Hold on tight, we’re about to go on a deep dive into the #FreeBritneyspears movement.

In case you didn’t know, the movement gained traction after a California court put the 1990s pop princess under a conservatorship, meaning her father, Jamie Spears, has complete control over her assets and business affairs.

Now, thousands across the globe are concerned about Britney’s well-being.

A documentary presented by The New York Times titled Framing Britney Spears has been released on Hulu.

The bracing 75 minutes takes a look at the never-before-seen videos of Britney during her early childhood up until now.

Chicago Sun-Times critic Richard Roeper called the documentary “a thought-provoking retrospective on Spears’ life and career, up to and including the conservatorship battle as Spears continues to fight her father in court.”

Here’s what we learned from the documentary:

  1. Britney’s Father has been in charge of all her assets for the past 13 years despite her plea of seeking a new conservatorship.

2. Britney’s break to fame was starring in the Mickey Mouse Club

3. Britney’s true outbreak was the midst of the Money-Lewinsky-Bill Clinton affair.

4. Photos of Britney Spears could sell up to 1 million dollars each

5. After conservatorship, Britney went on a world tour and won several awards.

Big Mama and The Wild Bunch’s Favorite Britney Career Highlights: