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Being that were almost one year into the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot has changed. The simple things that we use to do before like “sharing food,” or “drinking after someone”, is in the past.


Well according to Express, they did a poll and asked 2,000 people if there was anything that they would never do after the pandemic and Big Mama and The Wild Bunch can all agree on this list! Plus of course we had to add in a couple lol!


  1. Sharing Chapstick
  2. Taking a bite out of someone else’s food
  3. Trying out make-up samples
  4. Making out with strangers
  5. Borrowing someone else’s bathing suit
  6. Using a friends make-up
  7. Standing really close to people in line
  8. Leaving the house without hand sanitizer
  9. Sharing snacks
  10. Using someone else’s deodorant
  11.  Swimming in public pools
  12. Going to a movie theater
  13. Sitting on toilet seats
  14. Using someone else’s toothbrush
  15. High fiving


All these are legit things that we will no longer be participating in after the pandemic ends. Oh how the world has changed. But we are looking forward to better days:)