Human Interest

A TikToker named of Alyson posted a video from her recent trip to Walmart that has a lot of people questioning the company’s practices. In the video, she is in the makeup section and shows that only the concealer shades for dark skin have security tags on them.

Alyson says, “Okay, so, I’m at my local Walmart, and I’m just looking at the makeup section, and I noticed this. I’m looking at the concealers, and they’re all normal, but then once you get to the darker shades, they have little security tags all over them. But they don’t for the lighter shades.”

She adds, “So Walmart, tell me that you’re racist without actually saying that you’re racist.”

This isn’t the first time Walmart has been put on blast for locking up products for people of color. They have also been known to lock up hair care products for African Americans. In June of last year, they announced they would end this after dealing with a discrimination lawsuit.

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