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Handcuffed man escapes police SUV in TikTok from Clearwater Beach.

It’s the ol’ spring break saying “Come on vacation – leave on probation” and 18 year old Dominic Glass from Land O’ Lakes will def have that. He was taken into custody twice in a matter of minutes. The video has gone viral on the internet, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Clearwater Police were dealing with some Spring Breakers who were getting a little too rowdy. There were reports of fights and “disorderly conduct.” Glass was one of the ones cuffed and put in the back of a police SUV. One of the other spring breakers opened the rear door to let Glass out. Glass made a run for it and his “Run Forrest Run” moment was captured on social media networks like Tik Tok and Instagram, garnering hundreds of thousands of views.

Unfortunately Glass will now face more charges for escaping and resisting an officer. Channel 8 reports the person who opened the door has been arrested too… 18 year old Adam Asad of Oldsmar. Police say Asad bragged that he was going to be famous for trying to help. Here’s Adam’s mugshot, now he’s famous:


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