A woman was arrested for assault because she hit her girlfriend over chicken nuggets. She said the argument and assault all “started over chicken nuggets.” She wasn’t done though.

While in the patrol car, she trying smashing the widow by kicking and hitting her head against it. But she still wasn’t done! She beat a deputy when deputies were putting her in a cell.

Chicken nuggets could have prevented an argument and an arrest. We’re not surprised hunger brings the worst in people especially when you’re really enjoying it.

That is why if you don’t have enough or maybe you’re still not done you always got to ask. Because when sharing nuggets is concerned that is a very  sensitive matter. When it comes to this craving you could never have enough and are never done.

If you’re wondering hey Tony is there mug shot of this nugget incident. Of course there is. Mugshot below for all

And see her mug shot HERE