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(Photo by William Thomas Cain/Getty Images)

Easter is almost here and if you were looking for a little something unique for that Easter basket, check out this Peeps / Green Giant collaboration.

If you’re like, “no way is this really happening,”  according to Local 10 packages of the new product were sent out to food bloggers to review. They began posting their physical packages of the PEEPS Green Giant Cauliflower Flavored Bunnies with the hashtag, “#CauliflowerPeeps.” The tagline is “Express Your Peepsonality.”

According to blogger Junkfoodonthego the peeps will be available to the public on Thursday. Thursday is of course April 1st. I’m guessing this is a prank, but I thought the same thing when pizza places starting using cauliflower crust. If it is just an April Fools joke, I gotta give them credit for creating the packaging and sending them out to food bloggers. Solid effort.

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