We absolutely love this! Chad Ochocinco was in Miami over the weekend and left a server a big tip!


According to Dailymail, Chad Ochocinco went to Sugar Factory in Miami over the weekend and left a server a $1,000 tip. The former NFL player tweeted that the food and presentation was phenomenal and his shock that the restaurant had even comped his bill. He uploaded a pic that he was only charged $1.29 on his bill so he left the server Jose a $1,000 tip. This comes one day after being in Tampa where he also left a $1,000 at Ocean Prime on a $239.04 bill. This is a recurring nice gesture that Chad has been known to do every time he visits a restaurant. In March he left a $500 tip at a Capital Grille in Tampa and also another $500 tip at a Mirimar, Florida IHOP.



We love that Chad Ochocinco is so kind in blessing other people with big money tips! We also love that he’s been spotted a lot in Florida! Hopefully he will make his way to SWFL.








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