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We have always been a fan of Adam Sandler but after seeing this TikTok video of him and his daughter at IHOP has made us love him even more! Proving that he is just a regular person like all of us.



According to the Huffingston Post, there is a girl on TikTok named Dayanna Rodas that works at IHOP and had a guy walk into the restaurant with his daughter and ask how long the wait was. Well, she informed him it was 30 minutes and he left. He was wearing a mask so Dayanna did not realize that the man was Adam Sandler, this was all caught on the restaurants surveillance camera. People online are praising Adam for not pulling his “celebrity card,” and politely walking out.



We think this is epic! Love how Adam Sandler is so down to earth. Any other celebrity would have tried to use their celeb status to jump ahead of the line but he didn’t and we think that is pretty kool! Way to go Adam!




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