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Kanye West speaks on stage at the "Kanye West and Steven Smith in Conversation with Mark Wilson" at the on November 07, 2019 in New York City.

Kanye West‘s YEEZY label is in a legal dispute with Walmart; they’re accused of copying the retail giant’s signature rays logo.

According to HYPEBEAST, the chain recently filed a notice of opposition last week with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office that claims the YEEZY logo is infringing on its rays logo.

The YEEZY “eight dotted lines, each comprising three totally shaded circles, with a total of 24 circles, arranged at equal angles as rays from a sun” motif is being trademarked for use in clothing and retail stores, music recordings and streaming, hotels, and Kanye’s “non-metal modular homes.”

Walmart proceeds to make a note in its April 21 opposition that its image “will be damaged by registration of [Yeezy LLC’s] mark” as it is too similar to the rays logo that has been its signature logo since 2007. Adding, their marker “has become well known and famous as a distinctive indicator of the origin of [its] goods and services and a symbol of [its] goodwill,” and claiming that it has been using the logo for the same Class 9 goods referenced in YEEZY’s trademark application.

Below are the two logo comparisons. Walmart’s logo is depicted as black-and-white in the below image, but typically their rays are yellow with a blue background color.

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