This is so sad! We can’t believe that somebody would just abandon their dogs like this!

According to NBC 2, two dogs were just dropped off at an intersection in Lehigh earlier this week. Somebody in a red truck just abandoned the dogs and there was a note on their collar that read ” I need a home,” as well as their names Lil Mama and 8 Ball. A women found the dogs and was nice enough to give them food and water while they waited for Lee County Domestic Animal Services and the Lee County Sheriff’s Office to arrive. One dog is a 6 month old female black and white Boxer and Pit Bull Terrier mix, the other is a 7 year old white female mixed breed. The dogs were also not microchipped.

We don’t know how somebody could just leave their dogs like them! Thank god they did not run into traffic and get hurt. Hopefully these dogs will get a home soon.

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