Riding the bus between Tampa and St. Pete could now take less time. That’s because some busses in Tampa can now drive on the shoulder to get around traffic. To get more people to use the bus, this month a new service begins that will allow bus drivers to drive on the shoulder of I-275 when there’s traffic congestion. The Tampa Bay Business Journal reports that the $5 million project has been in the works for 6 years. This is the first time this has ever been tried in Florida.

Bus drivers will now be able to get by traffic jams when speeds drop below 35 miles per hour. The buses will not bee allowed to drive faster than 35 MPH when they are on the shoulder. The shoulders on 275 have been widened to accommodate the buses. As a driver, you’ll be notified when buses are using the shoulder by signals that have been installed near on-ramps. Also the buses that are allowed to travel on the shoulders have a special wrapping as shown on the Tweet below.


Hopefully the Lightning can close out the series tomorrow:


Busses In Tampa Can Now Drive On The Shoulder


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