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There have been multiple lighting strikes in SWFL. With storms happening everyday the chances of getting struck are happening quite often.

According to NBC 2, a person was hit by a bolt of lighting on Calm Pass Beach. It happened on Monday at 6pm and the person had multiple injuries. This now brings the total to four people that have been struck by lighting in SWFL in just ten days. A 17 year old was struck by lighting a few weeks ago in Marco Island, then over the weekend a couple was struck by lighting in front of their young children at Sanibel Beach.

This is really scary! You never think your going to get struck by lighting until it actually happens and it’s been happening all too often lately. So please be careful. If you see lighting go inside and take cover.

Lil Brownie is a proud Latina from Dallas, Texas who loves tacos! You can hear her every morning with Big Mama and the Wild Bunch from 6-10 a.m. She loves her life and genuinely enjoys waking up every morning to work with amazing people. You can follow her on Instagram @lilbrownieradio