A clever mom on TikTok went viral for a hack that will make you say “why didn’t I think of that?”

If you have kids, you know putting sunscreen on their little faces when your at the beach can be messy.

Luckily, mom of three Christy Keane came up with a trick that was shared over 11K times.

She tricks her kids into thinking she’s putting makeup on them by applying the sunscreen on with a foundation brush… genius!

TikTok users loved the idea.

“My daughter loves my makeup brushes but hates when I try to apply sunscreen so this is an amazing idea,” said one user on the app.

“Um this is brilliant,” said another mom.

Watch the full TikTok video here: 


Never thought my kids would love sunscreen so much! ☀️ #parentinghack #hack #lifehack MAYBEITSMAYBELLINE #LittleBitFancy #Momlife #foryou #fyp

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