Hurricane Ian Monday 8pm Update – Warnings Are Out: Trying to find a positive here. In the Hurricane Ian Monday 8pm update at least it didn't get any bigger in the last 3 hours.…

Well, it’s not everyday you find a man in a bubble on the beach. Only in Florida lol!

According to The Guardian, a man had made a hybrid bubble device and was attempting to walk on water to New York in it but he didn’t make it. Instead he ended up washing ashore in Flagler county which is on the east coast of Florida. This all happened over the weekend, when the man left St Augustine area and was headed to New York in his bubble but due to complications he was redirected back to shore. His goal was to run to the northern US or Bermuda, all to raise money for charity. He is not giving up and will soon try again.

Good for him for not giving up on his dream. Just hope he stays safe on his next journey.


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