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Police in Oklahoma arrested a mom after her 12 year old daughter gives birth at a local hospital. Reportedly, the child was raped and they never reported it to police and instead had the dad involved in the child’s life and the family even invited him to her baby shower.

The mother named Desiree Castaneda and other family members knew what happened with the 24-year-old man named Juan Miranda-Jara but did nothing about it. When cops arrested him at the hospital where he accompanied the 12-year-old to the hospital right before she delivered he was left shocked.

Castaneda was charged with enabling child sex abuse and neglect. The 12-year-olds dad is behind bars on a 12-year prison sentence for an unrelated case of first-degree rape.

The father Miranda-Jara was charged with first-degree rape of a minor.

Tulsa police said, “They walked in just like any other couple would; excited to deliver their newborn child. The family permitted the relationship, and there are photos of the family throwing a baby shower for the victim and the suspect.”



12 Year Old Gives Birth


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