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This makes sense, I did sneeze twice yesterday lol! Allergies are getting real in SWFL.

According to NBC 2, people are going to be experiencing some allergy flare ups here in SWFL because of the Saharan dust that is in the air. On top of the normal allergy symptoms, there is small particles from the dust that can get into your lungs. That’s when it can cause some respiratory symptoms, you can experience coughs plus shortness of breath as well. It’s best to stay in doors if your allergies do flare up but it good news the Saharan dust will pass later on this week.

Allergies suck but at least this week is almost over and the Saharan dust will soon pass. Stay healthy out there.

Lil Brownie is a proud Latina from Dallas, Texas who loves tacos! You can hear her every morning with Big Mama and the Wild Bunch from 6-10 a.m. She loves her life and genuinely enjoys waking up every morning to work with amazing people. You can follow her on Instagram @lilbrownieradio