From crazy dances to hilarious lipsyncs, TikTok blew up in 2020 and helped bring some much-needed levity to people who were trapped indoors for long periods of time during the early days of the pandemic.

Have you heard about the latest TikTok challenge? It’s called “devious licks” and it’s basically just stealing things. According to NBC-2, the trend has gotten so out of hand that places like Collier High School closed most of their bathrooms because of the trend.

“Devious Licks” is all about the “licks” or the trophy one gets after stealing something like a soap dispenser or a water fountain. Sounds pretty stupid, right? At least it’s not eating Tide Pods..

Devious Licks tik tok compilation

Compilation of all the best Devious Licks memes on TikTok. Watch as these TikTokers take part in the Devious Licks challenge as they steal bathroom stall doo...