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We could soon be living in Bruce Lee County, Florida.

A new petition is calling for Lee County to be renamed after the Martial arts icon, according to NBC-2.

Currently, Lee County is named after the Civil War Confederate General, Robert E. Lee. The new petition calls for the “removal of racist figures, statues and idols across the south.”

Currently the petition has almost 700 of the 1000 signature goal. While Bruce Lee is an excellent choice, there are other famous Lees that the County could be named after…

1. Stan Lee County
Excelsior! That’s right true believers, why not name Lee County after the comic book icon who gave us Spider-Man, the Avengers and many other Marvel Superheroes. County employees should also wear capes.
2. Tommy Lee County
Imagine a giant bronze statue of Motley Crue’s drummer Tommy Lee, holding his large.. Drumsticks.
3. Sara Lee County
 Honestly, who doesn’t like cheese cake?
4. Lee Majors County
The only requirement is that his Bronze statue cost six million dollars.
5. Lee Jeans County
Let’s face it. Jeans go with anything. Also, a Buddy lee statue in his little cowboy dungarees would be adorable.