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The Jetson family wave as they fly past buildings in space in their spaceship in a still from the animated television series, 'The Jetsons,' circa 1962. (Photo by Warner Bros./Courtesy of Getty Images)

The city of Orlando, Florida has partnered with NASA to begin developing large flying cars.

The Press Herald reports the vehicles will be oversized drones that can take off from landing pads called vertiports, with the first one to be built in Lake Nona.


Orlando transportation planning projects coordinator Jacques Coulon said, “We’ve heard from different operators that their hope is to be in operation with passengers sometime in the 2024-2025 time frame.”

Not everyone is excited for this technology though. State Rep. Anna Eskamani tweeted: “I love you Orlando, but we haven’t even mastered pedestrian safety or public transportation and I highly doubt a working class mom who works at the airport would benefit from this. Let’s be a present-ready city first.”

Currently, the Federal Aviation Authority has not approved this mode of transportation.

The Jetson’s predicted flying cars by 2062, but it looks like we might not have to wait that long!




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