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(photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

It’s almost time to kick start the holidays! Who else is read for Thanksgiving?

Did you know the Tuesday before Thanksgiving is said to be the most expensive travel day to fly and also the busiest? According to AAA, Monday is a better day to fly to avoid the craze and get a cheaper flight.

Remember to arrive two hours before domestic flights and three hours before international departures, so plan your schedule accordingly. It’s very important to visit the CDC website for the latest on proof of vaccination requirements and other safety information.

And here’s a tip for next year: if you book about two weeks before Thanksgiving Day,  you may be able to find the best airfares.

Also if you leave early in the morning, it could be cheaper and less chaos. Of course, when traveling this season please remember to have patience and be grateful to reconnect with family and friends!

Happy travels!