2022 has arrived and already Michelle Ayyyyy’s son Dimarco has checked Paintball off his list of fun things to do in Southwest Florida.

“This is his first experience paintballing and as his mom, who has done this before, I was so worried because he’s only 11,” Michelle Ayyyyy said. “I thought to myself, ‘Will he get hurt?'”

Michelle quickly learned that there were children younger than him at the paintball park and that he was in a safe place with monitors all around.

As a parent, we don’t want to see our children get hurt but with great pain comes great lessons.

“I love how he learned how to handle the paintball gun with care and understand that he can hurt someone. He was taught the safety precautions and the policies for safety first at the paintball park. It was a new experience for him and I saw how worried he was but I know this teaches him confidence and self-awareness,” she said. “For 2022, I definitely want to expose my son to many fun experiences this year.”

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