Maybe you’ve had a nice family vacation go south and you can sympathize with these two drunk sisters who got into a naked brawl at Disney Springs.

Now, by the headline, you know alcohol was involved, but it did sound like the evening started off ok. The two women from New Jersey, ages 29 and 31, were on vacation with their family in Orlando. They were at Disney Springs where they had a nice dinner at a steakhouse, then drinks after at an Irish restaurant.

They tried to go back to their hotel, which would’ve probably avoided this whole mess, but their phone died, so Disney Security helped call them an Uber. Worrying they were too drunk, the Uber driver refused them a ride, and while they were waiting for a taxi, the older of the sisters called the younger one a bad mom and slapped her. Then punching, pulling hair and more slapping ensued. Security pulled them apart, but it didn’t end there.

The sheriff’s report says that once they were apart, both sisters ran towards each other, slipping in one sister’s vomit, then falling into the bushes. Then the younger sister took off her dress, exposing her breasts. Then they started punching each other again before needing to be separated once more until police arrived.

This was about 12:40am when the Orlando County Sheriff’s Office got a call about the fight. Both sisters were arrested for domestic violence, battery and disorderly intoxication.

Truly a vacation they will never forget…or depending on how drunk they were…remember.\


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