Florida never disappoints when it comes to great news, and once again proving this when a drunk woman on a motorized suitcase led police on a chase through Orlando International Airport.

32 year-old Chelsea Alston was trying to board a plane to New York when she was turned away at the gate for being intoxicated. She claimed to have only 2 drinks before her flight, but when an officer told her she needed to get another flight and sober up a bit, she swore at the officer, waving her middle finger and driving away on her motorized suitcase.

An officer on a bike followed her where she eventually got on the people mover, and when he told her she needed to get off, she spit at him.

They eventually got Alston in handcuffs and put her in the back of a squad car, where she then ripped some of the fabric and defecated on the seat.

Not only did she cause over $1000 in damage to the car, but she also is being charged with battery on a police officer.

SOURCE: ClickOrlando.com


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