A man drinks a pint of beer on November 26, 2004 in Glasgow, Scotland.

Many people give up habits for Lent, whether it’s soda or social media, but one man did something a little out of the ordinary by giving up food for an all-beer diet.

Cincinnati man Del Hall has made a tradition out of his all-beer diet and is now in his 4th year.

Hall told the local news, “It’s a way to get back into a healthy mindset, to look at food in a healthy way. I decided I’m going to turn this into a beer diet to show people that you can use beer in a healthy way and not vilify it as this evil alcohol.”

Hall is close to finishing his “diet,” which has resulted in him losing around 25 pounds and helping raise money for a local charity, the Ken Anderson Alliance, that provides live work and engagement opportunities for adults with disabilities.

KAA Chosen as Ohio Beer Fasting Man Charity - Ken Anderson Alliance

We've all heard the latest fasting and diet trends, like intermittent fasting and diet cleanses, however, the co-owner of 16 Lots Brewery, Del Hall is taking it to another level. He has chosen KAA as his "Ohio Beer Fasting Man" charity. We're honored that he is helping support the Ken Anderson Alliance in the process.

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