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Plenty of metalheads can probably sympathize with this Amazon warehouse worker who just wanted to listen to some System of a Down during her shift.

TikTok user Monica (@vivalahabibi) shared the clip below with the video text reading, “Our Amazon warehouse played System of a Down not even for a minute before they changed it because it was inappropriate.” Over the warehouse’s PA system, SOAD’s classic “Chop Suey!” could be heard in all its glory.

The clip then cuts, and then the song playing in the warehouse was Harry Styles’ “Watermelon Sugar.” The video text then read, “How do you go from SOAD to this??? *YAWN*” Monica would caption the TikTok clip, “That’s the last time I make a suggestion!!!”

The irony in all of this is that while “Chop Suey!” was deemed “inappropriate,” apparently Styles’ tune, which is about the female orgasm, is appropriate. On a personal note, it’s annoying that a classic like “Chop Suey!” was turned off. However, as a woman, it’s difficult for me to be completely upset about a pro-female orgasm song being played instead.

Some may disagree with me about the above, however, I think we can all agree with this: more metal and more female orgasms would make the world a better place. If those things happen together, then hooray!

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